Professional management of residential real estate is far more than just collecting rents from tenants. At Montgomery Asset Management, we offer a full spectrum of residential property management services throughout Montgomery County, PA and the Philadelphia Metro Area. Our fees are competitive and we provide you with top-quality professional management services you will not find from low-cost rental management companies. We work hard to form personal relationships with all of our property owners and work diligently to maximize your returns while freeing you from the issues involved with renting residential property.

Our 10+ years of experience managing real estate means that we understand every aspect of property management and know how to help you keep your rental investment on track.

Marketing your Vacant Units

Marketing and showing your vacant units is a time consuming effort.  We have developed a process to yield great results.  All vacant or soon-to-be-vacant units are aggressively marketed through dozens Web sites including TrendMLS and, where appropriate yard signs are put out.  Our leasing agents go to work to pre-qualify prospective tenants, schedule showings, and when an interested tenant is found, we take them through our aggressive screening process.

Tenant Placement

We take tenant placement very seriously.  A bad tenant can be disastrous for both your property and your profits.  We have developed a rigorous screening process that helps to weed out the bad tenants.  Of course, you can wait forever for the perfect person to come along to rent your property, so we work with you to find the right balance between an acceptable vacancy period, the quality of tenant and the amount of rent to charge.

Each adult over 18 years of age is required to fill out an application for a Montgomery Asset Management home.  Each adult is then thoroughly screened.   A screening includes a credit check, a criminal background check, eviction history check, employment and income verification and personal reference check.  Our experience has led us to developed a formula for determining the minimum income requirements and credit scores for the demographic of your unit.


Ongoing maintenance can make property management hard for real estate investors who manage their own units.  It’s not fun to get a call in the middle of the night or while on vacation that something has gone wrong.  Montgomery Asset Management has a crew of expert maintenance technicians ready to run over to take care of any issues with your property.  We handle both scheduling repairs and invoicing, and never bother our owners except in extreme situations.

Our crew consists of laborers, skilled tradesmen, and contractors to handle any type of repair or maintenance issue.  We match the right type crewman to the job to keep the costs to a minimum and the quality of workmanship to a maximum.

Tenant Turn-over

Another huge hassle of managing properties is when tenants move out.  We work quickly to assess damages, make repairs, and recommend improvements to make sure your units are vacant for a short amount of time as possible and to help demand the highest rents possible.

Management & Accounting

  • Property Inspections
  • Evictions – Notices, filings, hearings and judgements
  • Monthly statements and 1099’s at year end for easy tax prep and accounting
  • Management Fees are all tax deductible