All of us landlords know that finding a quality tenant can be the most frustrating and time consuming part of owning investment properties.  Montgomery Asset Management provides full service tenant placement services for landlords in and around Montgomery County, PA.

Tenant Placement Services include:

  • Professional photography of your rental properties
  • Listing in the MLS as well as Craigslist, Zillow, and dozens of other web sites
  • Tenant pre-screening
  • Showings
  • Credit check, criminal history, and eviction history checks
  • Employment verification, reference checks, etc.
  • Lease agreements

Take back your evenings and weekends and leave it up to professionals to rent your property quickly.

All we do is rental properties! We have a database of thousands of eligible renters in certain markets and can rent a home fast! We don’t care about selling you your dream home… we just want to help make landlords and investors successful.

We take the entire process of marketing your property, showing the property, collecting applications, screening tenants and preparing the lease completely off of your hands.  You wouldn’t have to do anything to rent your house.   Of course the tenants would be screened to meet your requirements and you could have a final say in who is selected, but we do all of the hard stuff for you.

There is no money required out of pocket.  Once the tenant is selected and approved we would collect the first month rent and security deposit, keep one month’s rent as our fee and pass the rest along to you. 

The general process works like this:

  • We would meet you at the property, do a visual inspection, get keys from you and put a lock box on the door.
    • At this time if there are any repairs or improvements needed, we will discuss that with you and help you come up with a plan to get the property market-ready.
  • Within 24 hours of the home being ready for rent, a professional real estate photographer will take photos of the property. Within 24 hours of the photo session, your home would be ready to list.  That’s when we get to work! 
    • We list the property in the MLS which gives access to 10’s of thousands of agents in the area.
    • We list it on dozens of online sites like Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist,, and so on.
    • We send out email blasts to our database of thousands of renters in Montgomery County.
    • We use social media very aggressively and pay for very targeted ads on Facebook.
  • When people call about the house, they are pre-screened to make sure they meet the basic qualifications requirements.
    • If you’re not sure how to qualify tenants, we can use the guidelines that I have established over the years to help screen tenants.
  • We then show the house and begin collecting applications for interested and QUALIFIED tenants.
  • Once a potential tenant is identified we do a full criminal background check, credit check and eviction history check. If that checks out, we verify references and employment.
  • Assuming everything checks out, we collect the security deposit, first month rent, sign the lease and pass them off to you.

For some investors, tenant placement is all the help they need.  Others would rather focus on the investment side of the business and continue to use us for ongoing property management of the unit.